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Mural Reproduction - Lawrence Ave. United Methodist Church, Charlotte, MI                                                      VanderMoere Studios

After completion of the Decorative Art Restoration for the Lawrence Ave. United Methodist Church, I was asked about conserving, or repairing, or replicating the mural in the sanctuary. The painting was not of a quality or of a significance that constituted conservation; but it was near and dear to many of the church members. The request was then made as to if I could repaint the images and the scene as it appeared on the original mural without improvising away from the original artist's work. The original mural was painted directly on the plaster wall, and the wall needed repairs. I proposed preserving the original by sealing it with a consolidant and then painting the new mural on canvas. The canvas was hung using a removable wallpaper adhesive directly over the original.  This approach eliminates the potential for cracks to form in the new mural, protects the original artwork beneath the canvas and allows for future removal of the Mural if need be. 
Before photos of original mural
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