Acrylic Latex on Paper
28"  x  40"
Acylic Latex on Paper
32" x  40"
The Silent Scream
Acrylic Latex on Paper
27.50" x  39"
The Death of Passion
Oil on Paper
31.50" x  40.50"
Mirrored Memories on the Wall
(Do We Need to Keep Them All?)
Acrylic  and Oil on Board
24" x  30"
Acrylic Latex on Paper
25"  x  30"
Charcoal and Latex on Paper
18.25" x  26.25"
Faster, Faster, Faster
More, More, More
(With Respsects to Edvard)
Oil on Board
36"  x  48"
Mixed Media on Paper
32.25" x  40"
Emotional Portfolio
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