St Joseph's Catholic Church - Manistee, MI.                                                                                                        VanderMoere Studios

Painted Faux Marble on all the Columns, the Lectern, the Baptismal, and the Rear Alter. Everything that looks like marble is painted, with the exception of the Alter Table, (which is real marble) which is what all of the painted marbling is patterned after.
Marbling                                                                                                                               Faux Finishes
Any kind of MARBLE or STONE that you would want painted on ANY surface. Especially if the Marble or Stone can no longer be quarried!
Private Residence                                                                                                           VanderMoere Studios

Painted Faux Birds-Eye Maple Cornice woodgraining to match real birds-eye maple paneling below the cornice.
Woodgraining                                                                                                                   Faux Finishes
Wisconsin State Capital - Madison, WI                                                                                                                       The Garland Guild
I contracted with the Garland Guild from Indianapolis, IN to create Painted Faux French Walnut woodgraining on plaster to match existing French Walnut panels in the Assembly Room Parlor.    The tabbed arrows indicate the faux woodgrain.      The un-tabbed areas are real wood.
Decorative Painting                                                                                                           Faux Finishes
I was hired by Evergreen Architectural Arts to create the Sample Pattern that was to be used for the painting restoration for the Union Station Restoration Project. Notice the before and after photos and the application of painted Faux Stone Blocks painted over the plaster walls.
St Anne's Catholic Church - Mackinac Island, MI                                                                                                  VanderMoere Studios
Private Residence, New Construction - Antique Glazing                                                                                   VanderMoere Studios
Decorative Painting - Miscellaneous                                                                                                    VanderMoere Studios
Decorative Arts Services
Union Station - Seattle, WA                                                                                                                     EverGreene Archiectural Arts
VanderMoere Fine Art provides the unique offerings of a multitude of Services and Disciplines. With a background of Academic Training and Professional Trade and Job Experiences.
This new Armoire was delivered unfinished. VanderMoere Studios designed, decoratively painted and applied the antiqued and aged finish and patina. This was a Commissioned project for private residence in Muskegon, MI.